To stop managing a Chromebook:

  1. Open the Family Zone app installed on your iOS (Apple) or Android mobile device

  2. Click on the user who the Chromebook belongs to

  3. Click on Devices

  4. Click on the Chromebook that you want to stop managing


  6. Click Yes on the Remove? pop up


  8. Click Yes on the Delete? pop up

  9. Email the Family Zone Support team the username of owner of the Safe Chromebook you want to cancel

  10. Powerwash the device after the support team have confirmed they unenrolled the device

Why do I need to email Family Zone support?

You need to email Family Zone support so they can unenroll the device.

The Chromebook still says it’s being managed by Family Zone after the support team have unenrolled it, what do I need to do?

You’ll need to powerwash the device.

TIP: Read our help guide to find out How to: powerwash a Chromebook.

Can I remove Family Zone protection without the app?

Yes, you can log into your online account, locate the device and remove Family Zone.