Family Zone Safe Chromebooks allows parents the peace of mind of knowing that their child’s Chromebook is fully protected.  Knowing the right settings to ensure that your child is fully protected on their Chromebook is difficult.  Our Safe Chromebooks allows your child to log into their school account as normal while at school. Outside of school time they will have access to their Family Zone account while giving them filtered access to the internet in accordance with your Family Zone settings.

Family Zone is trialling this product and will look to develop it further in the future.

Does my child get an email account with their Safe Chromebook?

No, your child will need to have another email account that is not a Google Family Link account where the child is under 13 years old.

Why is a Safe Chromebook better than an unmanaged Chromebook?

With unmanaged Chromebooks astute children can get around the protection you have put in place.  Managing a Chromebook allows us to restrict the activities that would normally allow children to bypass your filtering rules. 

Can my child still log into their school account on the device?

Yes, your child should be able to log into their school account on the Chromebook.  If they are unable to, please contact our support team.

How many Chromebooks can I manage?

You can manage as many chromebooks as you’d like.  You will need a licence for each device.

TIP: Contact our Support Team if you need to manage additional devices

What can I manage on the Chromebook?

Through your Family Zone account you can manage:

How do I manage my Family Zone settings?

Download the Family Zone app onto your iOS (Apple) or Android mobile device.

TIP: Search Family Zone in the Apple App store or Google Play store to install the Family Zone app.

What do I do if I get a new Chromebook?

If your child’s Chromebook is lost or damaged and you get a new Chromebook, please contact our Support Team and they will guide you through setting up the new Chromebook.

Can I stop managing the Chromebook?

Yes, you can stop managing the Chromebook if you no longer wish to do so.

TIP: Read out help guide to find out How to: stop managing a Chromebook.

What happens if I have to powerwash the Chromebook?

If you powerwash a Chromebook all data and accounts are removed from the device and its base operating system is restored.  You should back up any data stored on the device to a non Family Link Google Drive account.

The school is managing the Chromebook, can I still use this service?

No.  Chromebooks can only be managed by one organisation.  If your child’s school is managing the device then you should allow them to continue.

Can my child remove the Family Zone filtering extension?

No, the Family Zone filtering extension is locked onto their device in the account. 

Can I control what extensions my child can install?

No.  We have blocked a number of dangerous apps.

Feature availability

Family Zone Safe Chromebooks are only available for customers who are on a Premium subscription.