To reinstate Mobile Zone on a Windows computer complete the following on the device you want Mobile Zone on:

  1. Open a browser (Chrome or Edge) on the device

  2. Go to 

  3. Click Download for Windows

  4. Click on the downloaded file once it’s finished downloading

  5. Double click on the Mobile Zone Installer

  6. Click Next to start the setup process

  7. Click Next to accept the End User Licence Agreement

  8. Click Next to start the installation

  9. Click Finish when the installation process has finished

  10. Click on the Mobile Zone icon in the task bar

  11. Confirm that the device is allocated to your child

  12. Click on the Mobile Zone icon in the task bar

Why do I need to do this?

You’ll need to do this if Mobile Zone has become uninstalled on your child’s Windows computer.

Can my child do this?

If they are an administrator on the machine then they can.

What if it doesn’t come up with my child’s name?

Then you’ll need to log in and follow the prompts to assign the device to your child.

TIP: Read our help guide to find out How to: install Mobile Zone on a Windows Device.

The device is asking for a password, what do I use?

It’s the password for an administrators account on the device, only administrators can install or remove software.

Why can’t you stop my child from removing the application?

Unfortunately windows does not allow us that level of control.  You are able to do this by removing your child’s administrator access to the device.

TIP: Read our help guides to find out How to: Add a non-administrator account on Windows 10 and How to: Change an administrator account to a standard account on Windows 10.`

My child’s device is a school managed device, we don’t have admin access, what do I do?

Your child will have to take the device to their school’s IT department.