To invite the family of an unclaimed student:

  1. Log into your School Community Platform

  2. Select Users in the right hand menu

  3. Select Students

  4. Type the students name or Student ID in the search bar in the top right of the screen then hit enter

  5. Locate the student in the results and click on their name

  6. Click REMOVE next to the device you want to remove from the student

  7. Click YES on the Remove Device? Pop up

What happens when I remove a device from a student?

When you remove a device from a student the Mobile Zone controller on that device is cancelled and the device will no longer be filtered.

Why can’t I remove a device from a student?

You can only remove devices from unclaimed students or students whose parents have not activated their accounts.  If the remove button is not next to the device then the parent will have to go into their portal to remove the device.

TIP: Send the parents a link to our help guide How to: remove devices from your account.

I removed the device accidently, can I re-add the device?

You can re-add the device by logging into it with your School Community Platform login credentials to reassign it to the student.  If you have Student Auto Enrolment turned on then the next time the device checks into your School Manager appliance it will automatically re-add the device.