To set a student as not at school:

  1. Log into your School Community Platform

  2. Select Users in the right hand menu

  3. Select Students

  4. Type the students name or Student ID in the search bar in the top right of the screen then hit enter

  5. Locate the student in the results and click on their name

  6. Check the Not at school box in the School management section

  7. Click YES on the Remove school management pop up box

What happens when you set them as not at school?

When you set a student as Not at school the student will have unfiltered access to the internet as they would outside of school hours or on rest days.

Can we put the student back into school?

Yes, just follow the same steps as above by checking the School box in the School management section.

Why can’t I see the School Management section for a student?

You can only remove School Management from unclaimed students or students whose parents have not activated their account, if you can’t see the option then it’s likely the family has activated their account and the parent will have to change the day type.

TIP: Send them our help guide How to: change a day type.

Can I set a student as Not at school for a day in the future?

No, you can only set the student as Not at school for the current day.