On the device you want to restrict the permissions for:

  1. Open the iOS settings

  2. Click Screen Time

  3. Click Content and Privacy Restrictions

  4. Enter iOS restrictions PIN if it’s been set

  5. Toggle the Content and Privacy Restrictions switch 

  6. Select Location Services

  7. Click Allow changes

  8. Click Back

  9. Click the back arrow next to Content and Privacy Restrictions

Will this impact my child’s ability to change the location permissions for all apps?

Yes, your child will be able to adjust the location permissions of any app they already have installed or install.

Why doesn’t my child’s device look like that?

You may need to update the operating system on your device.  Please contact Apple for assistance on upgrading the devices operating system.

Is this turned on by default?

No, by default these restrictions are not applied.  Someone would have turned them on.

Why can’t you do this remotely?

Apple does not allow us to do this remotely.