User activity allows you to view key cyber safety events for users within your account.  It will show you if they’ve been asking for access changes, borrowing devices, installing apps or even accessing or attempting to access inappropriate content.  Events are displayed on an easy to read timeline.

Where can I see the User activity?

You can see User activity in your online account or through the Family Zone app installed on the parent's device.

TIP: Read our help guide to find out How to: check user activity feed.

What events show in the activity feed?

User activity shows a number of key cyber safety events for each user including:

Can I see the activity feed for my whole family at once?

You can only see an activity feed for one family member at a time.  What you see for that family member might change if they are not tracked.

How far back can I go?

Data for the user feed is stored for 30 days in accordance with our Privacy Policy.

Why can’t I see everything my child is accessing in the activity feed?

The User activity only shows key cyber safety events, if you want to see everything your child is looking at you should check their usage.

TIP: Read our help guide to see How to: check usage for a user.

Why is the activity feed for my child empty?

The User activity may be empty for your child because they have not generated any of the tracked cyber safety events.

Feature Availability

This feature is available on both Premium and Insights subscriptions.