On the device you want to enable the permissions for:

  1. Open the Mobile Zone app

  2. Tap on the red banner at the top of the app

  3. Tap on Device Location to go to the Mobile Zone settings

  4. Tap on Location 

  5. Toggle the Location switch to green

  6. Tap Mobile Zone at the top of the screen to return to the Mobile Zone app

  7. Tap Done

Can I fix the notification permission remotely?

No, you need to have the device.  However your child should be able to follow these instructions to fix it.

Once I fix it do I have to update my online account?

No, when our system becomes aware that the permissions have been granted we will close the alerts, alarms and To do.

Why do you need the location permissions?

We need location permissions if you’ve turned on the Location feature in the Mobile Zone app or your iOS (Apple) device is set up in Filter Only Mode.  

TIP: Read our Location or Filter Only Mode feature guides for more information.