Our Website check allows you to look-up websites and find out what categories the website belongs to. You can find out the category for a site without even viewing it.  Once you have the category you can alter your internet filtering rules to block or allow sites like the one you’re checking.

How can I find out how a website could be filtered?

Our Website check feature allows you to enter a website and find out how it would be filtered if accessed by a user in your account.

TIP: Read out help guide to find out How to: Check a site’s web category.

What is a Website Category?

A Category is a logical grouping of internet traffic that allows us to control access to similar types of websites.

What does the Website check tell me?

For the chosen user it will tell you:

  • If the site should be blocked or allowed for the user right now

  • The users profile

  • What access period they are in

  • What day type today is

  • And what categories the site belongs to

I’d like to change how a website is filtered. How can I do that?

You have two options:

  1. Change rules for a Website Category

  2. Change rules for a specific Website

Can I use this for checking the category of apps?

Some apps you can.  You are best to enter in the URL for the apps main website (e.g. www.instagram.com

Can I change the category of a site?

No, however you can request our support team have a look.  If we believe there is a better category for the site we will update the categorisation. 

Feature Availability

This feature is available for Premium subscriptions only.