To mute device not seen in 14 days notifications via your online account:

  1. Sign in to your online account 

  2. Click on To do  in the left hand menu

  3. Click on the Device not Seen to do

  4. Click MUTE

  5. Select the timeframe you want the notifications muted for (1 week2 weeks4 weeksforever)

f I mute them forever, can I un-mute them?


TIP: Read our help guide to find out How to: un-mute To do notifications.

What does muting the notifications do?

Muting the notifications stops the emails, push notifications and creation of the To do.

What still happens with Device not seen when I mute the notifications?

A Red Flag is still created and an alarm is flagged against the device.

TIP: Read our Alerts & Alarms feature guide for more information or our RED ALERT: Device Not Seen in 14 days.

Can I mute device not seen notifications if I don’t have a To do?

No, you’ll need to wait for the next To do to be generated for the device.

Can I mute the notifications for all devices?

No, you can only mute them for each device.

What happens at the end of the selected period?

If we have not seen the device for 14 days we will send a notification, otherwise we will send a notification the next time we’ve not seen the device for 14 days.