Usage reports provide you with charts and brief summaries on the most used sites and biggest users in your family. You can then drill down further to explore your family’s activity in depth. 

What do the usage report filtering options mean?

You can filter your Usage reports by User or Time Period. You can also filter activity by:

  • Allowed traffic: This shows all allowed websites.

  • Blocked traffic:This shows all blocked websites.

  • Internet activity: This shows all websites and other internet addresses (ie IP addresses).

TIP: Read our help guide to find out How to: check usage for a user.

What is the difference between a website and an IP address?

A website is an internet location with a name e.g. Websites and Apps often contain other internet addresses which are set as numbers. These are called IP addresses and are used by web and App developers when readable names are unnecessary.

Do usage reports include school time activity?

Usage does not include activity on School or other Safe networks, however it does show usage that occurs off safe networks during school time.. 

How can I get help understanding what I’m looking at?

Contact our support team and they can explain what you are looking at.

Why are some members of my family not appearing in Usage reports?

If users in your family are set-up to not be tracked then they will not appear in Usage.

TIP: Read our help guide to find out How to: manage tracking for a user.

Can parents be excluded from appearing in Usage reports?

Yes. This is the default setting for users 18 and above. 

TIP: Read our help guide to find out How to: manage tracking for a user.

If my child’s behaviour concerns me, what should I do?

In all circumstances Cyber Safety Experts suggest conversations with your child are important in these situations. If there is a pattern of misbehavior you may want to check out our guide to dealing with misbehaviour.  

Can I get email reports of usage?

No, however we email you summaries of your accounts and create cyber safety indicators in Snapshots and User Activity.

How long after my child has accessed something should it show in Usage?

Your child's usage will usually show in Usage 5 - 10 minutes after it’s happened.

Can I see how long my child spent on a site or using an app?


How long is usage stored in your system?

Usage records are stored in our system for 30 days in accordance with our Privacy Policy.

Feature Availability

Usage is available on both Premium and Insights subscriptions however you may see different things depending on your subscription. 

This feature requires:

  • An active monitoring of filtering service running such as a Family Zone protection app or our Home Network; and

  • Users to be set to “tracked” in your account.