Snapshots is a weekly report delivered to you and provides key insights into your family’s cyber safety. This includes access to adult material, gambling sites and excessive use of social media and gaming. You’re provided with expert advice on how you can respond. 

What are Snapshots?

Snapshots are a weekly analysis of the activity of your family. 

Snapshots reports contain Cyber Safety Indicators. These highlight notable activities such as accessing inappropriate websites or the download of risky Apps and comparisons such as the proportion of activity that is social media.

When are Snapshots created and sent to me?

Each week a summary Snapshot report will be sent to users with parent access to your account late Sunday evening. 

The full Snapshot report plus the last 4 weeks reports can be viewed in your account under the Insights menu.

The current week’s Snapshots report builds up over the week. You will see activity indicators appear and comparisons calculated at the end of the week.

TIP: Read our help guides to find out How to: view snapshots or How to: check user activity feed.

Is parent activity included in Snapshot reports?

Only tracked Users are included.  Users can be set to tracked or untracked in the Settings menu for each user.

By default users over the age of 18 are not tracked.

TIP: Read our help guide to find out How to: manage tracking for users.

Can I get one Snapshot report per user?


If an indicator concerns me, what should I do?

Click on the Explore button in the email you receive and view Snapshots in your account. 

There you’ll be able to view more information and read advice from Cyber Safety Experts. In all circumstances Cyber Safety Experts suggest conversations with your child are important in these situations. If there is a pattern of misbehavior you may want to check out our guide to dealing with misbehaviour.  

What do the percentages mean in the snapshots?

Percentage use refers to the % of internet traffic that meets the category associated with the insight. Please remember we filter out of these calculations traffic which we consider to be irrelevant (ie usage not likely generated by your family).

What do the Cyber Safety Indicators mean?

  • Pornography has been accessed: This means a tracked user has repeatedly accessed a pornographic website.

  • Pornography has been blocked: This means a tracked users has been blocked from accessing a pornographic website. 

  • Gambling has been accessed: This means a tracked user has repeatedly accessed a Gambling website.

  • Gambling has been blocked: This means a tracked users has been blocked from accessing a Gambling website. 

  • Hazard app(s) installed: This means a tracked user has installed any apps on their Android or iOS smart device that can be used to by-pass filtering. These Apps should be removed from your child’s devices.

  • Unsafe app(s) installed: This means Apps have been installed which have an unsafe rating at certain ages by a Cyber Safety Expert.

  • Apps(s) installed: This shows which mobile Apps have been installed in the week.

  • App(s) removed: This which mobile Apps have been removed in the week.

  • Possible tampering alerts: This means that a tracked user may have attempted to disable our VPN for filtering iOS (Apple) devices.

  • Percentage of traffic: These Indicators show the proportion of your accounts traffic categorised as Social, Gaming or Streaming.

Do Snapshots include school time activity?

Snapshots do not include activity on School or other Safe networks however they do include activity that occurs on protected networks during school time. 

Can I see historical Snapshots?

Yes, you can see Snapshots for the last 4 weeks where we have data.

TIP: Read our help guide to find out How to: view snapshots.

Why does some usage appear in Usage reports but not in Snapshots?

Snapshots applies filtering rules to remove activity which is likely accidental. This is important because social media, gaming and news sites are often riddled with links to adult material. We try not to notify you of such activity.

Feature Availability

Snapshots are available on both Insights and Premium subscriptions. This feature requires:

  • An active monitoring or filtering service running such as the Family Zone app installed on a child’s device or our Home Network; and

  • Users to be set to “tracked” in your account.