On the device you want to restore device management:

  1. Open the Mobile Zone app 

    1. Tap the red alert bar at the to of the screen

    2. Tap on Device management profile on the new page

    3. Tap the DOWNLOAD PROFILE button

    4. Tap Allow on the pop-up alert

    5. Tap Close on the pop-up alert

  2. Open the device Settings menu

    1. Find the option called Profile Downloaded and tap on it

    2. Select Install in the upper right corner 

    3. Enter in the device unlock PIN if asked

    4. Click Next in the upper right corner then Install 

    5. Tap Trust on the Remote Management pop-up

    6. Tap  Done in the upper right corner

    7. In 15-30 seconds a notification should display saying Mobile Zone has been successfully installed

  3. Open the Mobile Zone app 

    1. Check that the alert no longer appears

    2. Click Done in the top right to close the permissions screen

What passcode is required to install device management?

You’ll need the devices screen unlock passcode to install the device management profile.

When I open the app it doesn’t show my child, it shows a login screen, what do I do?

You’ll need to complete the registration process to register the device on your account.

TIP: Read our help guides to find out How to: install Mobile Zone on an iOS (Apple) device.

Can I restore device management remotely?

No, you need to have the device.  However your child should be able to follow these instructions to restore the device management profile.

I’ve reinstated the device management profile, why doesn’t my child have access to the internet?

It’s most likely that the sleep time consequence is in place, you’ll need to cancel that through your online account or Zone Manager app.

TIP: Read our help guide to find out How to: cancel the sleep time consequence.

What if it already has a device management profile from my child’s school?

You should start the installation process again but install it as FIlter Only Mode.

TIP: Read our Filter Only More feature guide for more information.

The settings app isn’t there on my child’s phone, where is it?

Like all apps the settings app can be moved around.  You’ll have to ask your child to show you where it is.

Why doesn’t my child’s device look like that?

You may need to update the operating system on your device.  Please contact Apple for assistance on upgrading the devices operating system.