Safe Inspect

Who is it available for?

Available for 24x7 school customers with School Manager.

What is it?

Safe Inspect is a significant improvement to our school solution, providing full SSL inspection on client devices both on and off the school campus. Implementing Safe Inspect allows our chrome extension and laptop agents to inspect and report on encrypted web traffic (HTTPS). Previously, this was only achievable on the chromebook extension.

So… what does that mean?

School Manager has better visibility of search terms in Google, Bing, YouTube and more.

What does it do?

  • Provide a high level of control and visibility on enrolled devices, wherever they connect (on the school network, hotspotting, or at home/roaming)

  • Scale up SSL inspection capability to thousands of devices, without the need to scale School Manager device infrastructure

  • School IT administrators have granular visibility of search terms in Google, Bing and YouTube videos. 

  • Administrators can narrow down which student accessed certain content and when. 

  • School administrators can also add specific websites or HTTPS inspection and allow selected content from streaming services. 

How do I access it?

  • For IT managers
    Ensure filtering is on then follow the steps below:
    Open School Manager > Config > Mobile Agent > Tick MITM enabled > Choose signatures or websites to inspect.

  • For students
    Follow the link to download on your learning device:

Demo link: