Our content filtering features allow us to ensure your children use safe internet search engines. This is important to ensure that inappropriate sites aren’t suggested to you children and that adult content isn’t shown to them in search-previews.

SafeSearch allows us to enforce Google and Bing Safe Search functions which blocks in appropriate search results.

What is Google and Bing SafeSearch?

This feature moderates what content is displayed on both search engines. By default, Google and Bing SafeSearch is “on” for children’s profiles.

Please remember SafeSearch isn’t 100% accurate, however it helps avoid explicit content in search previews.

How can I set search restrictions?

SafeSearch is turned on by default, however you can turn it off through Internet filter & Rules.

TIP: Read our help guide to find out How to: manageSafe Search.

My kids want to use other search engines, should I let them?

You can, however other search engines don’t have safe search functions that can be controlled at the network level which means they can easily get around controls.  We recommend they stick to Google and Bing.

TIP: You can manage access to other search engines via the Internet Filtering Rules feature in your online account or Zone Manager app.

Can my kids override SafeSearch?

No.  We control SafeSearch at the network level.  If your kids are seeing inappropriate results there may be an issue with filtering.

TIP: You can find out more about  Troubleshooting: SafeSearch in our help documentation or for help with SafeSearch issues contact our support team.

Why do I see inappropriate content when SafeSearch is turned on?

We do our best to keep the SafeSearch filter on, although it is possible that some explicit content does make it through. If you have SafeSearch turned on, but still see inappropriate sites or images, please follow the instructions below.

To report a website

To report a Google image result

  • From a computer: At the bottom right of your screen, under the related images, click Send feedback.

  • From a phone or tablet: At the bottom right, tap More and then Send feedback.

Feature availability 

Google and Bing SafeSearch is only available with Premium subscriptions.