To change a parents details via your online account:

  1. Sign in to your online account 

  2. Click on your name in the top right of the screen

  3. Click My Account in the drop down menu

  4. To update the personal details 

    1. fill in the following:

      1. First Name

      2. Surname

      3. Phone number (Optional)

      4. Time zone

    2. Click SAVE

  5. To update the email address

    1. Click Edit next to the email address

    2. Enter your new email address

    3. Enter your account password 

    4. Click SAVE

  6. To update the password:

    1. Enter your old account password

    2. Enter in your new account password

    3. Click SAVE

  7. To update the PIN:

    1. Enter your new PIN

    2. Enter your account password 

    3. Click SAVE

To change your PIN and Password via the Family Zone app installed on a parent’s device:

  1. Open the Family Zone app installed on a parent’s device

  2. Click on Settings

  3. To change your PIN

    1. Click Change PIN

    2. Enter your new 4 digit PIN

    3. Click Done

    4. Click OK on the confirmation pop up

  4. To change your password

    1. Click Change password

    2. Enter your new password in the New password field

    3. Enter your new password in the New password confirmation field

    4. Click Change

    5. Click OK on the confirmation pop up

Can you change another parents details through the online account?

No, they will need to log in and change their own details.

Do you get notified of changes?

Yes, we let you know by email if changes to your PIN or email address have been made.

When do the new details become effective?

Immediately.  You should be able to log in with your new details straight away.

Can I delete the primary parent?

No, however you can contact our support team and they can delete it for you.