To check installed apps:

  1. Sign in to your online account or open the Family Zone app on a parent device

  2. Click on the user who you want to check apps for

  3. Click on Apps in their user dashboard

  4. Click on the app name to view more information

Does this show apps installed on laptops?

No, it only shows apps installed on iOS (Apple) or Android devices that are protected by Family Zone.

What does the information mean?

  • App Name - The name of the app from the app store

  • Rating - Your chosen Cyber Experts rating for that app

  • Category - The app category in the respective app store

  • Age Rating - The app store recommended age

  • Platform - iOS or Android - the type of device the app is installed on

TIP: Read our Cyber Expert App Reviews feature guide for more information.

How can I get more information about the apps?

If you click on the app name you’ll be able to see your Cyber Experts review of the app.

Why don’t the apps on my child’s iOS (Apple) device show?

It could be because Family Zone is installed in Filter Only Mode which means we are unable to get the apps installed.

TIP: Read our Filter Only Mode feature guide for more information.