To check red flags:

  1. Sign in to your online account 

  2. Click on Insights  in the left hand menu

  3. Click on Red Flags

  4. Click on the funnel in the top left

  5. Select the User you want to view from the User drop down (optional)

  6. Select the Device you want to view from the Device drop down (optional)

  7. Select the Type of red flag you want to see from the Type drop down (optional)

What do all the red flags mean?

The red flags indicate that there could be an issue with the device or that your child may have been trying to circumvent our filtering.

TIP: Read our Alerts & Alarms feature guide for more information about the different types of red flags.

What if there are no red flags?

If there are no red flags here then there has been no event to cause a red flag creation in the last 30 days.