We will alert you when your children install mobile apps and will provide you with up to the minute advice from Cyber Safety Experts on the features, benefits and risks associated with them. You may also choose to block app downloads and in-app purchases.

What App Controls are available?

In addition to our extensive filtering of social, gaming and streaming platforms you have a number of options for managing Apps. These are:

  1. App Alerts: You can choose to be alerted for all Apps installed on your children’s iOS (Apple) or Android devices.

  2. In App Purchases: You can choose to block In App Purchases

  3. App Downloads: You can choose to block App Downloads entirely (Device and operating system dependant).

TIP: Read our help guide to find out How to: manage in app purchasesHow to: manage app downloads or How to: manage app alerts.

How long does it take to get alerted of an App install?

This isn’t immediate. It may take between 20 and 60 minutes depending on the time of day. 

TIP: read our Cyber Expert App reviews feature guide for more information.

Can I get notified of an in app purchase?


I have previously restricted my child accessing the App Store on their Apple device, will device restrictions override this?

No, We cannot change settings entered by you on your child’s device. 

Can I turn off app installs for all iOS(Apple) devices?

No.  iOS (Apple) devices that have been upgraded to iOS 13 or above can not have App Installs blocked.  Earlier iOS versions are able to have App Installs blocked.

TIP: You can use the iOS built in feature for blocking app installs, please refer to thApple help centre to see how.

Can I find out more about the Apps installed by my family?

Yes. Our App alerts often include App Reviews by Cyber Safety and include links to the app stores to find out more.

Can or should I modify the suggested rules?

Great care has been taken by our Cyber Experts putting together recommended settings. You are of course free to modify these. Please be aware that because of the complexity of the internet, occasionally unexpected results can occur.

Can I control Apps?

You can control the online activity of most of the popular social, gaming and streaming apps.

Can I control offline apps and games?

No. We block or permit access to the internet access of apps and games.

How are SMS and MMS messages affected by filtering?

They are not.  We do not block SMS messages. 

TIP: If  iMessage are blocked, iOS will fail-over to SMS IF your device is connected to a cellular / mobile network.

Feature Availability 

App Alerts are available for all Customers. Controlling in-app purchases and App Downloads is available for Premium customers on certain devices and operating systems only.