To add a custom rule for a website:

  1. Sign into your online account through a web browser or open your Zone Manager app

  2. Click on Settings 

  3. Click on Internet filtering & rules (Age Profile Controls)

  4. Select an Age Profile form the first drop down list

  5. Select Websites from the second drop down list

  6. Click the ADD WEBSITE button

  7. Type in the domain (e.g. into the text field

  8. Select which profile you’d like this rule applied to from the drop down

    1. This profile only

    2. All Profiles

  9. Toggle between blocked (red) and allowed (blue) for the different access periods:

    1. Play

    2. School

    3. Study

    4. Sleep

  10. Click SAVE

How long does it take for the changes to take effect?

Changes take around 30 seconds to take effect.  

TIP: Some browsers cache data which means you might want to test your changes in an incognito or private browser session.  

Can I change the rules after I’ve made them?

Yes.  Once the website is listed you can change the rule simply by toggling between blocked (red) and allowed (blue) for the different access periods.  Changes will automatically save. 

How do I know which Age Profile my child is in?

You can see what age profile your child is in from their user dashboard accessed by going Users > Family then clicking on your child.

TIP: Clicking on the profile link will take you straight to the correct age profile for that child.

What times are the different access periods?

The times for the different access periods are set in your child’s routine.

TIP: Read “Feature Guide: Calendars and Routines” for more information.

Can I remove a website?

Yes.  Simply click the red X icon next to the website you want to remove.

Can I block specific apps like Facebook in this section?

No.  Most apps use Content Delivery Networks consisting of IP addresses rather than human readable addresses.  This makes them much harder to block.  Check out the other sections of the Internet filtering & rules to see what apps you can control.

TIP: Read our Content Filtering feature guide for more information or contact our support team for help.