To check a site’s web category:

  1. Sign into your online account through a web browser

  2. Click on Insights in the right hand menu

  3. Click on Website check

  4. Select the user whose policy you’d like to check the website against from the first drop down 

  5. Select the prefix from the second drop down (the default is HTTPS)

  6. Copy or type the website address into the field

  7. Click GO

What information do I get back?

You get back the following information

  • If the site should be blocked or allowed for the user right now

  • The users name

  • The users profile

  • What access period they are in

  • What day type today is

  • And what categories the site belongs to

Can I check if the site will be blocked or allowed in a different access period?

No, you’ll need to access the Internet Filtering & Rules under Settings to see if the site’s category is blocked or allowed in a different access period.

TIP: Read our Content Filtering feature guide for more information

Now that I know the category what do I do?

You’re able to block or allow that website and similar sites through our Internet Filtering rules.

TIP:  Read our help guides to see How to: manage internet filtering rules.

Do I need to put in the www?

No, our system doesn’t look at that part of the URL

What if I want my to give access to that site?

To give access to the site either permanently or temporarily.

What if the category doesn’t look right?

If the category doesn’t look right please click on Report a problem and explain why you think it’s wrong.  Our support team will investigate.

It says it should be blocked but I can see my child is on that site, what do I do?

There may be issues with the device, follow our Content Filtering troubleshooting guide or contact our support team for assistance.