My child can’t access an app that they should be able to access

If your child tells you that their internet isn’t working or that they can’t access an app (on an iOS (apple) or Android device) that they should be able to, this could simply be us doing what we are supposed to be doing.  If we are blocking an app it’s likely to say something like “Check internet” or “Unable to refresh feed” or it could simply be a spinner and the content never loading.

Steps to resolve:

My child can access an app that I’ve blocked

If you notice that your child is accessing an app  (on an iOS (apple) or Android device) that you’ve blocked completely or during a specific access period then there may be a problem with the device, the users access period or the internet filtering rules.

Steps to resolve:

My child is being blocked from accessing a website they should have access to

If your child is complaining about being blocked, on any device,  from a website on you believe they should have access to it may be our internet filtering doing it’s job.  We need to check that everything is as you expect it should be.

Steps to resolve:

My child is able to access a website with inappropriate content

Your child may be able to access questionable or inappropriate content on an otherwise legitimate website or a site may be incorrectly categorised.  We are constantly reviewing our categorisations however with the fluid nature of the internet occasionally we will get it wrong.  If your child is able to access content you deem inappropriate you should check the device and review your settings.

Steps to resolve

My child is able to view inappropriate content and images through search

To protect your child we recommend turning on SafeSearch, you can find our more about SafeSearch through our feature and troubleshooting guides.

We are having trouble to internet access when connected to the Home Zone box

If you are having issues accessing the internet when connected to the Home Zone box then you should check out our Home Networking troubleshooting guide.

My child can still play games when they should be in “sleep”

Our system controls access to the internet and not all games on computers, tablets, phones and gaming consoles require access to the internet to be played.  Some may require access to the internet in order to be able to start, but once the game has started they no longer require access to the internet. This means that some games will be able to be played while your child is in “Sleep”.

Steps to resolve:

  • Check to see if the device can access the games website through a web browser, this will tell you if the user has access to the internet

  • Turn the device onto flight mode or disconnect it from the internet, if you are still able to play the game then it doesn’t need internet connection

  • If it is an Android device turn off access to apps in sleep time

I’ve allowed access to Google but I still can’t get into gmail or Google docs

Allowing access to Google doesn’t automatically allow access to all of Googles suite of products.

Steps to resolve:

My children can still send iMessages to each other

Apple devices that are connected to the same home network will always be able to message each other, as the devices talk over the local network and not through the internet.  Phones will also fail over to sending messages via text messages.  Our Mac client is unable to block iMessages

My issue still isn’t resolved, what do I do next?

For more information you can read our Content Filtering feature guide.  It has a number of FAQs and links to how to guides that may help you with what you need to do.

Alternatively you can contact our support team for help.  

Please ensure that you include the following information in your request:

  • Account email

  • Child’s name

  • Devices impacted

  • Time of issue

  • Description of the issue

IMPORTANT NOTE: Troubleshooting filtering issues can be difficult without the device available to test & troubleshoot with.  It is best to contact the support team with the device handy and having the problem.  If that’s not possible, then please have an accurate time stamp as to when the issue occurred.