To turn off or on filtering during a particular access period via your online account:

  1. Sign in to your online account

  2. Click on the user who you want to manage filtering for

  3. Click Settings

  4. Under FAMILY ZONE FILTERING toggle Family Zone enabled to turn filtering off or on for (blue means on, grey means off)

When does the routine change take effect?

Changes will take about 30 seconds (sometimes up to 2 minutes) to take effect.

Do I need to save my changes?

No, changes are automatically saved.

What happens during the access period where Family Zone filtering is turned off?

The Family Zone app on your child’s device will shut down and no traffic will be passed through on systems. No traffic will be monitored or blocked.

I can’t change the school access period, why?

This is because your child is enrolled in and linked with a partner school, it should show which school at the top of their calendar.  You are unable to turn off filtering during school time as it’s a requirement of the school for devices to be filtered. You are able to override it should you need to take your child out of school time.

TIP: For more information read our School Community feature guide

What device types are affected?

All devices (Mac, Windows and Chromebook Laptops and iOS (Apple) and Android phones and tablets) that have Family Zone installed and registered against that user will be affected

What happens if I connect the device to a Family Zone box?

Normal filtering will occur for that user during that time period.

What times are the different access periods applied for?

The different time periods are applied as per the users routine.

TIP: Read our help guides to find out How to: change a routine or more about our Calendars and Routines features.