To ensure your School Community Platform has the correct data from time to time it will require some maintenance.  This includes removing students who no longer attend the school as they’ve moved away or graduated.  The Unlink Students feature allows you to remove students who have left your school or who have been incorrectly linked.

When should I unlink a student?

You should unlink a student when they no longer go to your school.

Why do I need to unlink students?

You need to unlink students that have left or are not a member of your school so that you can’t see them in your School Community Platform.

How do I unlink students?

You can unlink students through the student record in School Community Platform.

TIP: Read our help guides to see How to: unlink a student from School Community Platform.

What happens when I unlink a student?

The student will no longer appear in your School Community Platform and control of filtering during school time will revert to the parents.  If they are on a school supplied plan then our support team will reach out to them to move them to an appropriate plan.  

I have a large number of students to unlink, can I do them in bulk?

At the moment there is no way to bulk unlink students through School Community Platform.  If you have a large number of students to unlink you can fill in the attached template and submit to and we will arrange for this to be completed.

I’m a Partner School. How do I access School Community Platform?

To access School Community Platform, simply contact Family Zone at and request activation.

Feature Availability 

This feature is only available to partner schools who have School Community Platform configured.