Through your web account or the Family Zone app installed on a parent’s device:

  1. Log into your online account or Family Zone app installed on a parent’s device

  2. Click on To do

  3. Click Ignore next to the To do you want to ignore 

Can I get a To do back once I’ve ignored it?

No.  If you’ve ignored a To do you can no longer see it.

Can I see a history of To dos for my account?

No, however you can see Red Flags which are a record of Red Alert To dos.

TIP: Read our Alerts & Alarms feature guide for more information.

I can’t get rid of the big To do in my online account, why not?

The “Hero” To dos at the top of your online account are the recommended To dos for complete in home cyber safety.  They are removed by completing that step of the account activation process.

Can I ignore all in my online account?

No, this feature is only available in Zone Manager.

I’ve ignored all in the app, but there are still some To dos in the online account, why?

Not all To dos appear in the Zone Manager app. These can only be actioned or ignored from your online account.

TIP: For more information read our To dos feature guide.