To delete a routine for a specific day:

  1. Sign in to your online account or open the the Family Zone app installed on a parent’s device

  2. Click on the user who you want to set a specific day routine for

  3. Click on Calendar

  4. Locate the day or date that you want to set the routine for and click/tap on it


  6. Scroll to the routine change you want to delete and click on it

  7. Click Delete

TIP: A darker triangle in the bottom right of a date tile indicates that there is a routine change of some sort for that date.

When does the routine change take effect?

Routine changes take around 30 seconds (but up to 2 minutes) to take effect.

Can I change the routine for all school or rest days?

Yes, you can change the underlying base routine.

TIP: Read our help guide to find out How to: change a routine.

Can I schedule for a specific period?

Not at the moment, however it is something that is on our roadmap.

What happens if I have specific day routines set and I change the routine?

The specific day routine will remain in place.

Where can I get more information on routines?

For more information on routines read our Calendars and Routines  feature guide.