I have an email but there is no To do in my account

To dos can be closed by any parent on the account or the system if we detect that the issue is resolved or it is no longer relevant.  If you have a notification but there is no To do, this likely means either:

  1. The issue has been resolved and we’ve detected this and automatically closed the To do, or

  2. The Family Zone service has been cancelled through your online account, or

  3. The request is no longer relevant due to the time that has passed, or

  4. Another user with parent access has closed, actioned or ignored the To do.

 If you are at all concerned, you should check the device or the Red flags  or the User Activity feed in your account.

I’m not getting emails for any To dos

To do email notifications come from a different part of our system to marketing emails, however if you’ve clicked unsubscribe on the bottom of a notification email we are no longer able to send them to you.  Occasionally they are also put into your emails SPAM folder.

Steps to resolve:

  • Check your email’s SPAM folder and tell your email platform that the address is known (there is usually a button)

  • Contact our support team who can check if you have unsubscribed from emails and resubscribe you

  • Download and install the Family Zone app and set up for a parent’s  iOS(Apple) or Android device so that you get push notifications

My issue still isn’t resolved, what do I do next?

For more information you can read our To dos feature guide.  It has a number of FAQs and links to how to guides that may help you with what you need to do.

Alternatively you can contact our support team for help.  

Please ensure that you include the following information in your request:

  • Account email

  • User’s name

  • Time of issue

  • Description of the issue

  • Screenshots of messages