To dos advise account holders and other users with parental access of actions they need to take to ensure the continued protection of the children on the account

What is a To do?

Where we detect something that requires you to take some action eg reinstalling our app, we’ll create a To do and notify you. 

To dos are created in the To do section of your account. They will remain open until the issue is corrected or you close it.

You can mute To dos so you don’t receive them for certain periods of time (or forever).

Can I turn off To dos?

You can turn off Device Not Seen in 24 hours To dos and notifications for each device.  All other To dos are to advise you that there is something wrong that needs your attention.

How do I know what actions I need to take to resolve a To do?

The To do will contain a description of the problem and a link to help guides that explain what actions are required from you to resolve the To do.

What happens when I’ve actioned the To do?

Once you’ve actioned the To do you can close or ignore it.  If you leave the To do and it is no longer an issue the system will often close the To do.

Do I have to action To dos?

No, however, depending on the To do, it may compromise our ability to protect your child while they are on the internet.

Can I get an SMS instead of an email?

No, however if you install our Family Zone app for parent devices you will get push notifications for most To dos created in our system.

TIP: Read our help guide to see How to: install Family Zone on a parent’s iOS or Android device.

What types of To dos are there?

There are three main categories of To dos:

  • Red Alerts: Notifications that something is wrong with a device that you should investigate and take the required action.

  • Access Requests: Requests from users on your account for access to a website or a change in their current Access Period 

  • Account Set up: To dos that guide you through the account set up process, the will only show if 

TIP: Read our Alerts and Alarms feature guide for more information on Red Flags or our Access Requests feature guide for more information on Access Requests.

Can I see the history of To dos?

Not exactly.  However you can see a list of Red Flags which allow you to track behaviours of users.

TIP: Read our Alerts and Alarms feature guide for more information on Red Flags

Which To dos don’t send a push notification through the Family Zone app installed on a parent’s device?

The following To dos don’t send a push notifications:

  • Account set up To dos

    • Add a Device

    • Add a Family Member

    • Buy a Box

  • New Device Connected (to a box)

Feature Availability

To dos are available on Premium and Insights subscriptions.