I’ve sent an invite to another parent but they are not getting it

When you invite another user to become a shared parent of a user in your account they should get an email and a To do in their account almost immediately, if they don’t get the email, get them to log into their account.

I’m trying to share parenting and it’s telling me “Invitation could not be sent”

To invite another person to become a shared parent they need to have an active account.  

Steps to resolve:

  • Check with the other party what the email address is for their account and try resending the invitation

  • Make sure you’ve spelt the email address correctly

  • Get the other party to sign up for an account and then try resending the invitation or, if this is through a partner school, get the school to invite the other party.

I’ve accepted a shared parenting request from another account and now I have two of my child in my account

When you accept a shared parenting request into your account it doesn’t merge the users.  You may want the ability to manage these users separately.  For example, if you have devices (game consoles or Smart TVs).  If the users device go with them then you might want to activate the device on the shared user.

Steps to resolve:

  • Change the name of the user in your account (if you are not the primary parent you won’t be able to change the name of the shared user) to make it easier to identify and use this to manage devices that don’t leave your house

  • Remove any devices that move between houses from the non shared user and register them onto the shared user (NOTE: only the primary parent will be able to deregister these devices from now on)

My issue still isn’t resolved, what do I do next?

For more information you can read our Shared Parenting feature guide.  It has a number of FAQs and links to how to guides that may help you with what you need to do.

Alternatively you can contact our support team for help.  

Please ensure that you include the following information in your request:

  • Account email

  • Account email for shared parent

  • Child’s name

  • Devices impacted

  • TIme of issue

  • Description of the issue