To locate your child’s device through your online account:

  1. Log into your online account 

  2. Click Insights

  3. Click Location

  4. Click the refresh icon in the top right to get updated location

  5. Click on the device name to see a specific device on the map

  6. User the map controls to zoom inout or move the map around

To location your child’s device via the Family Zone app installed on the parent's device:

  1. Open the Family Zone app installed on the parent's device

  2. Click on the user whose device you want to locate

  3. Click on the Location quick display

  4. Click the refresh icon to get updated location

  5. Click Devices in the top right corner

  6. Click on a specific device to see it’s location

Why is the location old?

Sometimes it takes a while for an updated location to come through from the device, try refreshing a couple of times.

TIP: Try our Location troubleshooting steps if you’re still unable to get an up to date location.