To enable the Location feature:

  1. Open the Family Zone app on the device you want to activate Location on

  2. Click on the gear icon in the top right of the main page

  3. Enter your parent PIN

  4. Toggle the Location switch

  5. Click Done or the back arrow to leave the settings screen

When I turn on the Location feature the app tells me there are permissions not granted, what do I do?

Follow the prompts to grant the location permission.

TIP: Read our help guides to find out How to: enable location permissions on an iOS (Apple) or Android device.

Can I turn on the Location feature without giving location permissions on the device?


Can I turn on the Location feature remotely?

No, you also can’t grant access to the devices location remotely.

Can my child turn on location?

No, turning on Location is behind the parent PIN so that it can’t be turned off by your child.

Why doesn’t my parent PIN work?

It may be incorrect or it may be that there is a shared parenting relationship in place and the child is currently being managed by the other parent.

TIP: Read our help guide to find out How to: change management of a user.

Why doesn’t my child’s Family Zone app have that option?

It could be an older version of the Family Zone app, you should update it to the new Family Zone App version.

TIP: Read our help guides to find out How to: update Family Zone on iOS (Apple) or Android devices.