What is Family Link?

Google Family Link is a service that is designed to help parents keep track of what a child under the age of 13 is doing on an Android device, ranging from app installation to amount of time spent using any given app or the device overall.

In order to ensure that Google Family Link works seamlessly with Family Zone we recommend you configure the settings below for your child's account.

To get to settings on your parent device:

  1. Open the app and click on view

  2. Select Manage Settings

  3. Enter the below settings in the relevant sections

Controls on Google Play

Purchases & Download Approvals: Required approval for All content

App & Games: Mature

Movies: M


Books: Restrictions on

Music: Restrictions on

Filters on Google Chrome

Try to block mature sites

Note: Filtering on the FZ ONE will be handled by Family Zone, this will just be used as a backup and will likely go unused

Filters on Google Search

This setting will be managed by Family Zone if the setting is toggle off

Google Assistant 

Third-party apps: Off

Android Apps:

These are personal choices of parents