To change a students year group:

  1. Log into your School Community Platform

  2. Select Users in the right hand menu

  3. Select Students

  4. Type the students name or Student ID in the search bar in the top right of the screen then hit enter

  5. Locate the student in the results and click on their name

  6. Select the correct year group from the Year group drop down

  7. Click YES on the Change year group pop up

When does the new filtering policy take effect?

The new year group’s filtering policy will take effect on the next school day.

Why might I need to change a student’s year group?

You might need to change a student’s year group if they are unclaimed and put into the youngest year group or they’ve been placed in the wrong year group by our upload process.

Why do some students not have a student ID?

If a student is manually linked to the school by the parent rather than created through our invite process then they won’t have a Student ID.

TIP: Read our Invite Families feature guide for more information.

Does changing the year group impact filtering outside of school hours?

No, it will only impact their school time filtering policy.