What are School Community Platform Filters?

School Community Platform Filters allow schools to set filtering policy for Mobile Zone-protected devices during School Time.

What are the prerequisites for access to School Community Platform Filters?

Schools must be signed up to School Community Platform, which is available exclusively to Partner Schools.  For more information, please email  education@familyzone.com.

I’m a Partner School. How do I access School Community Platform?

Simply contact Family Zone at  education@familyzone.com and request activation.

What can I manage through SCP - Filters?

You can manage 

  • Categories - general internet traffic that is categorised by our categorisation engine

  • Social networks and games - specific Social Media networks and games that are popular with students

  • Search and streaming media - Google & Bing Safe search, YouTube Restrictions and popular streaming media sites

  • Websites - Specific websites that you may want to control within categories

  • Advanced - Other things that we can filter (warning these may break the internet)

How do I change Filters for a year group?

Follow the instructions in How To: Manage School Filters.

How quickly do changes to filtering policy take effect?

Changes to policies like unblocking or blocking a category take between 30 seconds and 2 minutes to take effect on a student’s device.

How does content filtering work?

For more information on how content filtering works at Family Zone please read out Content Filtering Guide.

Can parents change the school’s filtering policy?

No. Parents can make schedule overrides for their own children; however, you will be notified if this occurs.

Can parents see the school’s filtering policy?


What happens if a student is sick?

If a student is sick and the parent wishes to provide more access to the internet, they can do so 

  • by making a  Quick Time change away from School-time 

  • by changing the day type, or 

  • by implementing a routine override.  

If the parent overrides School-time, the school will be notified.

How does a parent opt out of the school filtering policy?

Parents can do this by opting out of school community or removing the association from the student to the school.

Can parents adopt the school filtering policy but not the school Calendar or School-time?

No, they come as a package deal.

What do students see when they are blocked?

When students attempt to access filtered web content, they are presented with a block page.  If they believe they should be able to see this page, they can request access.