What is School Community Platform Calendar?

School Community Platform Calendar is a feature that allows the school to set their calendar. 

What are the prerequisites for access to School Community Platform Calendar?

Schools must be signed up to School Community Platform, which is available exclusively to Partner Schools.  For more information, please email  education@familyzone.com.

I’m a Partner School. How do I access School Community Platform?

To access School Community Platform, simply contact Family Zone at education@familyzone.com and request activation.

How do I change the school’s calendar?

Follow the instructions in our How To: Update your School’s Calendar.

Which calendar has precedence, school or year group?

The Year Group calendar will have precedence over the All School calendar.  Changes made to a year group can be reverted back to the All School calendar if no longer required.

How quickly do changes to the Calendar take effect?

Changes to the school or year group calendars will be reflected in families’ portal accounts immediately; however it can take up to two minutes to adjust filtering on students’ devices. 

Can I set a different calendar for each year group?


Can a parent use our school Calendar but not our School-time and filtering policy?

No. When a parent opts into School Community, your School-time, Calendar and filtering policy are automatically subscribed to.

Can parents change the school’s Calendar?

No, they can’t change the school calendar, but they can override the day type on their own child’s calendar.  If they do,  they will be warned that the override may be breaching school policy, and the school will be notified.

Can parents see the school’s Calendar?

If a child is subscribed to the school, then parents can see the calendar for the year group he or she is subscribed to.

How does a parent opt out of School-time?

Parents can opt out of School-time by opting out of School Community or unlinking their child from the school in the parent portal. 

What happens if a child is sick?

If a student is sick and the parent wishes to provide more access to the internet, they can do so 

  • by making a  Quick Time change away from School-time 

  • by changing the day type, or 

  • by implementing a routine override.  

If the parent overrides School-time, the school will be notified.