What is School Community Platform Dashboard?

The School Community Platform Dashboard displays the overall status of Mobile Zone at your school.

What can I see on the School Community Platform Dashboard?

On the SCP Dashboard you can see the numbers, per year group, of

  • families that have unactivated invitations

  • students  who are are unprotected

  • students who have unsafe apps on their devices

  • students who have a parental override in place for that day

How do I see the data that those numbers reflect?

To see the data that underlie those numbers, simply click on the relevant tile and you’ll  be taken to a list of students for that year group and scenario.

What are the prerequisites for access to School Community Platform Dashboard?

Schools must be signed up to School Community Platform which is available exclusively to Partner Schools.  For more information, please email education@familyzone.com.

I’m a Partner School. How do I access School Community Platform?

To access School Community Platform, simply contact Family Zone at education@familyzone.com and request activation.

What is an Unactivated Invitation?

If a student is listed as having an unactivated invitation it means their guardians have been invited to activate Family Zone through the Bulk Account Creation process or the Invite Family function in SCP but have not yet activated their account.

If a family has activated their Family Zone account, does this mean the student is protected?

Not always.  Students are only protected once Mobile Zone is activated on their device. You can activate an account without activating a device.  Reviewing “unprotected students” will display students at risk.

What if two students from the same family have an unactivated invitation?

If a family has two students at your school and their family’s account is not activated, they will each be counted as an unactivated invitation against their respective year group.

What does “unprotected” status mean?

If a student is unprotected, it means Mobile Zone has not been activated on their device/s.

What device types can be protected by Mobile Zone?

Mobile Zone protects:

  • Apple iOS version 9.0.0 or higher

  • Android version 4.3.0 or higher

  • Apple Mac OS version 10.9 or higher

  • Windows 7 or higher

  • Chromebooks

What is an Unsafe App?

Unsafe Apps are apps on Apple (iOS) or Android devices that have been deemed as potentially risky to students.

What is a Hazardous App?

Hazardous Apps are apps on Apple (iOS) or Android devices that can prevent our content filtering technology a from operating.  For more information please read Feature Guide: Hazardous Apps.

What is a Parental Override?

Parental Overrides allow a parent to perform a quicktime change, routine override or day-type override that replaces school settings on a student’s device/s. Such overrides limit your ability to maintain duty of care.   For more information on Parental Overrides please read our Feature Guide.


For assistance with School Community Platform or it's features please contact our Education Support team edusupport@familyzone.com