What are Parental Overrides?

Parental Overrides allow a parent to perform a quicktime change, routine override or day-type override that replaces school settings on a student’s device/s. Such overrides limit your ability to maintain duty of care.  

Why are Parental Overrides important to monitor?

If a Parental Override is in place, your school filtering policy is not being enforced on that student’s device/s.  If the student is under school care, this may impact your duty of care to that or other students.

Where can I see who has a Parental Override in place?

In SCP you are able to see who has a Parental Override in place in:

  • The Dashboard
  • The Student list
  • The Student Details view

Is a Parental Override always a bad thing?

No, not always. If the child is legitimately away from school on a day or part of a day (e.g. home sick) then the parent may want to give them a higher level of internet access.

Can a school override a Parental Override?

No, once the parent has put a Parental Override in place, the school is unable to overturn it.   You may wish to query the override with the student and/or guardians.

Can I see a history of Parental Overrides?

Yes, if you view the student’s details, you’ll see an alert history that shows when parents have implemented or cancelled an override.

Do parents know they are overriding the school’s duty of care?

If a parent attempts to make a quicktime change, routine override or day-type override that overturns school-managed settings, they will receive a warning which must be acknowledged before proceeding.

What do I tell the parent if they are unsure how a Parental Override has been implemented?

Advise the parent to contact our support team via email or phone.

Can we customise the Parental Override warning?

Yes, the Parental Override warning can be customised for your school.  Please email education@familyzone.com for more information.