Is the Home Zone box compatible with printers?

Yes, the Home Zone Box is compatible with printers. 

How should I set up my printer?

Your printer doesn’t need to be connected to the Home Zone Box, it can remain connected to your original home modem. Devices that are filtered by the Family WiFi network will still be able to access the printer.

How do I set up my printers after it is connected to the Home Zone Box?

Once you connect your printer to the Home Zone box it will be automatically assigned to the Guest profile. For most network printers, this is enough, as the printer will work on the Guest profile. 

To assign the printer to a family member, please perform the following steps; 

  • Login Online

  • Go to the To do section

  • Select the New device has connected To do

  • Select Family Device

  • Enter in the Device Name 

  • Select Other as the Device Type

  • Assign the device to an adult

  • Select Save