What is Disable All apps for Android?

Disable All Apps is a feature that will prevent users from accessing any apps or functions  (excluding phone, sms and Mobile Zone) during Sleep-time. 

When this feature is enabled, users will be directed to a block page and will be prevented from opening any other apps.

Update Mobile Zone for Android to version 1.3.1

After opening the Mobile Zone App the current version will be displayed at the bottom

How do I activate Disable All Apps for Android?

via Web Account

Log in Online

Go to Cyber Safety > Controls > Advanced.
Select an Age Profile.
Set Access apps during sleep time (Android) to No.

via Zone Manager

Go to Settings > Controls > Advanced.
Select an Age Profile.
Set Access apps during sleep time (Android) to No.

What’s the difference between Disable All Apps and Sleep-time?
During Sleep-time, all internet traffic is blocked; however, apps that don’t require internet access (e.g. Tetris and other offline games) will still work. Disable All Apps causes a block page to display, while blocking access to all apps excluding telephony, settings and Mobile Zone.

How do I unblock apps so that they can be used again?

Ensure the device is still connected to the internet and perform a Quick Time Change to place the user in a different time period. (School, Study or Play). The device will unblock within two minutes.

How do I disable all apps for Mobile Zone for iOS?

Unfortunately, issues with Apple currently prevent disabling all apps on iOS devices without significantly impacting customer experience. We’re working hard to devise a suitable solution.

Can I disable all apps at other times than Sleep-time?
No. This function is only available while the device is in Sleep-time. However, you can always perform a Quick Time Change to Sleep-time to disable apps temporarily.

Can I exclude other apps from being blocked?
Only telephony, settings and Mobile Zone will be available when Disable All Apps is activated. If you have a medical app that needs to be accessed at all times, please email support@familyzone.com