What is a WiFi Extender?
A WiFi Extender is a device that extends the range of an existing WiFi network, allowing devices that are further away to connect and access the internet.

When would I use a WiFi Extender?
A WiFi extender is used when there are rooms in the house that do not get sufficient WiFi signal from the modem to browse the internet.

Does the Family Zone Box work with WiFi Extenders?
The Family Zone Box is compatible with some WiFi extenders but not all of them. For the Family Zone box to work, the following requirements should be fulfilled.

There is only one device on the home network that gives out IP Addresses
The WiFi extender doesn’t use WPS configuration
The WiFi extender is configured to the Family Zone Box

How should the WiFi extender be set up?

The WiFi extender needs to be connected to the Family Zone Box. The extender can be connected via ethernet or WiFi. As the Family Zone Box doesn’t have WPS, it cannot be configured using this method. Of the three WiFi networks that the Family Zone Box can broadcast, please ensure that you extend the Family WiFi network and not Guest or Unfiltered.

How can I test if my WiFi Extender is set up correctly?

If your WiFi extender has been set up similarly to the diagram above, then once your device has connected to the WiFi extender, browse to http://home.tools and if you are directed to a Family Zone page, then the WiFi extender is set up correctly.

I have set up my extender correctly, however, I am unable to successfully reach http://home.tools

If you have connected your WiFi extender to the Family Zone Box and you are unable to reach http://home.tools or any block page, then the extender is likely set up as a router.

As the Family Zone Box doesn’t work on a local network with multiple routers, the WiFi extender needs to be configured in bridge mode or as an access point, depending on the extender brand.

What WiFi Extender does Family Zone recommend?

Family Zone recommends getting additional Family Zone Boxes and using Power Line Adapters to extend the range into other areas of the house. Once additional Family Zone Boxes have been activated, they will be configured with the same WiFi network settings. Depending on the device you are using it will automatically connect to the best signal.