What is Automated Laptop Provisioning?

Automated Laptop Provisioning is the process that allows Family Zone to simplify the on boarding process for families by connecting a known laptop (Mac or Windows) to students as part of the Bulk Account Creation Process.

How does Bulk Account Creation device linking work?

When we create bulk accounts for families, we create a temporary zone which has a temporary device with the MAC Address attached for the specified used.  

When the software is installed on the device, it checks with our servers every 5 minutes when connected to the internet.  If the parent has not activated the account, nothing will happen and the device will not be filtered.

Once the account has been activated, the filtering profile will be applied when the device first checks in.

How is Mobile Zone software installed onto a student’s laptop?

The software can be pushed out to the students laptops via a remote management tool, included as part of a SOE (Standard Operating Environment) or manually installed by the school or parent.

What order of events has to happen between software installation and bulk account creation?
It does not matter what order the software installation and account creation process takes place.  The Automated Laptop Provisioning will still work as it requires three things to occur in no particular order;

  1. Software is installed and the device is connected to the internet
  2. The device has been added to a zone & user through the bulk account creation process
  3. The parents zone is active and has sufficient allowances for the device

Laptops have multiple network adaptors, which MAC Address do I supply?

You need to supply the WiFi MAC Address for the Automated Laptop Provisioning to work.

Can Chromebooks be linked through the automated laptop provisioning process?

No. The automated laptop provisioning process only works for Windows and Mac laptops.

Where do I get the latest version of Mobile Zone laptop software?

You can get the latest version of Mobile Zone laptop software from our download page.

What happens if the Automated Laptop Provisioning fails?

If Family Zone’s system is unable link the laptop and the Family Zone account, parents/guardians are still able to manually provision the laptop.  For instructions please see our Mac or Windows instructions

Can I add another laptop to a student?

Yes, if you provide the students data through to us as per our Bulk Account Creation Process with the new MAC Address we will be able to add that laptop to the student.