What is Mobile Zone for Laptops?

Specifically designed for school laptops, Mobile Zone for laptops is the solution to protect your children on any computer that leaves your house. All WiFi, LAN, 3/4G or hotspot networks will be protected by Mobile Zone for laptops.

What devices can Mobile Zone for Laptops protect?




How do I get started?

Visit https://www.familyzone.com/laptops to get started today!

What about my child’s phone, can you protect that?

Yes we can. We have a Mobile Zone app available for Android and Apple ready to protect your child’s device. For more information, please read our Mobile Zone apps guide.

If I have Mobile Zone for Laptops installed, do I need Home Zone?

While Mobile Zone for laptops can protect a single device on any network, Home Zone provides a safe wifi network that protects all connected devices, including Xbox, PlayStation and Smart TVs

I don’t have administrator access to my child’s school laptop, what can I do?

Mobile Zone for Laptops requires administrator access to be installed, so assistance from the schools IT manager will be required. If school administrators  require additional information, please direct them to https://www.familyzone.com/schools