What is Bulk Account Creation?

Put simply,  Bulk Account Creation (BAC) is the process of creating Family Zone accounts for parents/guardians. Using a few basic details (provided by the school) Family Zone creates the account, then emails parents a link to a short verification process.

Why should schools create accounts in bulk?

Bulk Account Creation makes it even easier for parents/guardians to sign up to their Family Zone account and assists schools with parent engagement.

What data is required for Family Zone to complete a Bulk Account Creation?

In order to create bulk accounts we need the following information:

  • Student information (mandatory for each student in the family)
    • First Name
    • Last Name
    • Date of Birth
    • Unique Student ID
  • Parent/guardian information (mandatory for each guardian)
    • First Name
    • Last Name
    • Email address

What optional data is requested?

  • Student information
    • External ID/Active Directory - optional (DN from LDAP - required to link into School Zone)
    • MAC - optional on-boarding option for the laptop agent.  This needs to be the WiFi MAC address for the device the child is using.  (Please note: if providing MAC address, ensure that the address is in lower-case letters and separated by colons.)
  • Information for additional parent/guardian  (mandatory for each guardian)
    • First Name
    • Last Name
    • Email address

What if we have two (or more) students from one family attending our school?
If you have multiple students in the same family attending your school please provide one line per student with the parent/guardian details.  Our process will automatically detect that the students are in the same family and add them to the same account.

What if a student has more than one residence?
For students with multiple residences (shared parenting), please provide one line per residence identifying the guardian(s) at that residence along with the student’s details. Family Zone’s system will then initiate a shared parenting request.

Please note: A unique student identifier (external ID or student ID) is required to set up Shared Parenting.

What if a student is a boarder at the school?

A boarding house is treated like another residence for the student. Enter a row for the boarding house, identifying the boarding house manager as guardian. Family Zone will add the student to the boarding house account and request a shared parenting arrangement from the primary guardian.

Do all residences need to be filed at the same time?

No.  As long as the same unique identifier is used, residences can be added at any time.  

Why does Family Zone need the parents’ email addresses?

Parents’ email addresses are required to provision the account and email the account set-up link.

Why does Family Zone need students’ date of birth?

Our Bulk Account Creation requires the absolute minimum information from the school; however, the student DOB is an important element of PII (personally identifiable information) and it is essential that it be correct.  

How does Family Zone protect the data supplied?

Please be assured that Family Zone takes privacy and security seriously. All data collected will be kept in strictest confidence in accordance with our Privacy and Customer Detail & Security Policy.

What’s the best way to obtain this data and forward it to Family Zone?

Please download and complete our handy template (attached below) and forward to secure@familyzone.com.   To ensure the privacy of your data, please do not CC anyone else on the email.  Data files provided to secure@familyzone.com will be purged from our systems in accordance with our Privacy Policy.

What happens after the data is received?

We will review the file and schedule in the date for the bulk account creation at a time that suits your school.  When the file is processed parents/guardians receive an activation email with instructions on how to set up their account.  Once processed, all copies of the data file will be purged from our systems  in accordance with our Privacy Policy.

Do parents/guardians need to accept Family Zone  terms and conditions?

Yes, as part of the signup process parents/guardians are required to accept Family Zone’s Terms and Conditions.

Can I customise the activation email?

No, the activation email is a system-generated email that cannot be customised.  However, we can work with you to create a customised introduction email with more information if required.

Can we schedule the emails to go out at a specific time?

We will attempt to accommodate your request as long as it is within Western Australian standard working hours.

Why does Family Zone need External ID, Unique ID &/or samAccountName?

This data is optional.  Family Zone can link your School Zone Appliance to its database to allow the school to  view apps on students’ mobile devices.  Additionally it can be used to identify the student when subsequent files are processed should they be supplied again.

Why does Family Zone need the WiFi MAC?

This data is optional.  If a school is rolling out Mobile Zone for Windows or Mac and knows the WiFi MAC address for laptops, we can assign the devices to the account and automatically activate them, making it even simpler for parents/guardians. Please read our Feature Guide: Automated Laptop Provisioning for more information.

I have completed and returned my School BAC template. What happens next?

  1. Family Zone will review the data and advise if there are any issues.

  2. Family Zone will load the data on the date agreed with the school.

  3. Parents/guardians will receive an activation email from Family Zone with a link to set up their account.

What happens if the family already has a Family Zone account?

If the family already has a Family Zone Account our system will assess what needs to happen in order to process the record and ensure the student is linked with your school, including;

  • adding student,
  • updating plan, and/or
  • linking student with your school.  

Family Zone will email the family confirming any changes made to their account.

What happens if there are errors?

Family Zone will provide a report of any records it is unable to process and the reasons why.  You will need to fix the data and resubmit.