Features and Benefits 

Protects on any network

Mobile Zone for Chromebook (Education Edition) will filter and protect your child’s Chromebook in the home and on any connected network.

Content filtering

Mobile Zone’s content filtering controls all internet browsing at a user level. From a cyber safety perspective, the key difference you should remember is this:

  • On a computer running Windows or Mac OSX, applications are installed and associated with the device.
  • On a Chromebook, applications are installed and associated with the logged in user.

Designed to work with school issued Chromebooks and personal Chromebooks

Mobile Zone for Chromebook can be used for school issued Chromebooks, or personal Chromebooks and Google Accounts.

Recommended set-up for school programs

Chromebooks issued by a school as part of their device program are almost always cloud managed by your school, allowing easy deployment of cyber safety features and robust management of the device. The school will manage user's accounts school and administrative actions such as removing Mobile Zone will be locked. Your child will also be locked out of creating additional accounts on the device.

Recommended set-up for personal devices for children under 14

Chromebooks create some challenges for parents when their child is under 14. Google requires users of their devices to be registered with Google (email) accounts. If a user is under 14, then Google imposes their parental control suite called Family Link. This works for some families, but it is complex and has some limitations. On balance, provided you set it up properly, Chromebooks are a cyber-safe choice for users under 14.  

Recommended set-up for personal devices for children over 14

From this age you can install Family Zone onto your child’s Google account (via the Chrome Web Store), however, they have the right to remove it. You can also disable guest account access on your Chromebooks; however, Google permits factory resets (Powerwash) which can undo it. 

In order to utilise Mobile Zone for Chromebook (Education Edition) effectively, it is important that your child's user account does not have administrator access. The ability to sign in with other user accounts or as a guest should also be restricted.

If your children share a Chromebook, each user will need to install the Mobile Zone for Chromebook extension.

Please see the guides below for additional assistance.


Installing Mobile Zone for Chromebook (Education Edition)

How to: Restrict Chromebook User Access

How to: Disable Guest Browsing on Chromebook

Frequently Asked Questions

My children all share a computer and each child has his/her own user account. Will they all be protected?

No, Mobile Zone for Chromebook only protects a single user profile. If additional users can sign into the Chromebook, they will be not be protected. Please see our guides above for more information.

Why do I need to enable the Mobile Zone for Chromebook extension in incognito mode?

All Chrome extensions are disabled in incognito mode by default unless specifically enabled.


Will Mobile Zone for Chromebook sync across all devices that are signed into my Google Account?

The Mobile Zone for Chromebook (Education Edition) extension will be installed across all synced devices, however, each device needs to be individually linked to your Family Zone account. Please review our installation instructions on how to link your account.

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