Family Zone allows parents to block or allow Apple iMessage and Push Notifications while using the Home Zone Box.

Recently Apple made some changes to iMessage which have resulted in it bypassing internet filters. This change has affected us and all parental control providers like us. We’ve spoken to Apple and lodged our objections, however, for the time being, we cannot control iMessage on our Mobile Zone app installed on iOS devices.


Online Account

  1. Log into your Family Zone account

  2. Go to Settings > Age Profile Controls > Change 2nd drop-down menu to Advanced

  3. Select an Age Profile

  4. Block/Allow Apple iMessage & Notification

Zone Manager

  1. Open the Zone Manager app

  2. Go to Settings > Controls > Change 2nd drop-down menu to Advanced

  3. Select an Age Profile

  4. Block/Allow Apple iMessage & Notification

Frequently Asked Questions

Does blocking iMessage also prevent devices sending SMS text messages?

No. iMessages are sent via the Internet. SMS text messages are not. Family Zone does not prevent SIM cards from making and receiving phone calls or SMS text messages.

How do I send a text as a text message instead of an iMessage?

  1. Tap and hold on the message you want to send as a text.

  2. From the pop-up menu, select “Send as Text Message.”

What happens to notifications sent to a blocked device?

They will simply be suspended until notifications are unblocked, at which point they will be delivered. 

I have Mobile Zone for Mac installed on my child's laptop and iMessage isn't being blocked?

Currently, the Mobile Zone for Mac (Education Edition) isn't capable of blocking iMessage. Family Zone will have a fix for this issue available soon.

My children both have iPhones and they are always able to message each other at home?

Apple devices that are connected to the same home network will always be able to message each other, as the devices talk over the local network and not through the internet.

Can Android notifications also be blocked?

No. At this stage, Family Zone is unable to isolate and control Android Push Notifications. Android Push Notification are blocked during Sleep time, along with other Internet-enabled functions.