Looking to manage your calendars? Find out how with this quick video

From your online account or through the Zone Manager app, navigate to your child’s dashboard and select Calendar. 

Online Account: My Zone > My Family > Select User > Calendar

Zone Manager: Family > Select User > Calendar

Default Calendar Settings

Recommended calendar settings will be chosen for each child based on their age profile. 

  • For a school-aged user, Monday to Friday will be set to School day.

  • For a non-school-aged user, the entire week will be set to Rest day.

Making Changes to Calendar

Quickly alternate from Rest to School and vice versa

  • Select the day - School or Rest - that you would like to change

  • Select the button

    • Change to Rest Day or

    • Change to School Day

  • The selected day will be automatically changed to the alternate day type 

Add multiple School or Rest days 

  • Scroll down below the calendar to the Add School Days or Add Rest Days buttons

  • Select either button then input the range of date values

  • Select save for these changes to take effect

  • For yearly events (e.g. public holidays), select the Repeat every year checkbox prior to saving

Alter the default routine for a single day or on a weekly basis


  • Select a day, then select ‘Edit this Day’s Routine’. 

  • The default routine will be displayed (in a lighter format).

  • Just as in Routines, select the time from which you would like to start making changes - a new routine will overlap the existing routine.

  • This ‘new’ access period can easily be deleted to revert to the standard routines OR 

  • the access period can be repeated on a weekly basis (e.g. extra hour of Play Time every Friday)

For Example

1. The default routine is displayed when you choose to edit your calendar.


2. Select the time you wish your changes to start from, and then chose the access period. 

3. The new access period will display over the current routine (solid colour).


4. By clicking or tapping on the created access period, parents can then select whether the change applies to the current day only or is repeated weekly.