Calendars, working in conjunction with Routines, utilise School and Rest days to determine your child’s screen-time allocation - that is, when children have online access, the level of access and for how long. The calendar can be further customised, allowing parents to alter the default routine to meet their child’s individual schedule.


  • Parents can quickly change the day type from School to Rest and vice versa.

  • Each day can have a customised routine.

  • Edited dates can be repeated every week (e.g. an extra hour of Play every Friday).

  • Date ranges covering holidays, sick days and so on, can be easily managed.

For more information view the How To: Set Up Calendar guide

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I change calendar options for my children?

Navigate to My Zone>My family, select the relevant child and the Calendar option. Each calendar day has a routine that can be edited if required. Alternatively, make a quick change from a school to rest day or vice versa. 

Is it possible to change all my children’s calendars at once?

No, each child’s calendar needs to be updated separately.

Can I add in family or school holidays into my calendar?

Yes, simply add in multiple rest days to cover holiday periods. Change each day individually using the ‘Change to Rest Day’ button or utilise the ‘Add Rest Days’ button below the calendar to quickly add in a range of dates.

Can I change the routine from within my calendar without changing my default routine?

Yes. You can alter a single day’s routine from your calendar by selecting the ‘Edit this Day’s Routine’ button on that calendar day.

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