Looking to manage your routines? Find out how with this quick video

From your online account or through the Zone Manager app navigate to your child’s dashboard and select Routine. 

Online account: My Zone > My Family > Select User > Routine


Zone Manager: Family > Select User > Routine


Default Routine Settings

Recommended routines will be set for each child based on their age profile. 

  • For school-aged users, three access periods will be included: Play, School, and Sleep

  • For non-school-aged users, only Play and Sleep will be used by default.

  • Each hour is divided into four segments or 15-minute increments.

Making Changes to Routines

  • Select the time from which you would like to start making changes. Then, choose a new access period from the drop-down icons.

  • Click on the selected segment and drag to the new time setting required (15-minute increments).

For example:

For the routine below, Play time is currently shown as starting from 7 am.

We want to change Play time to start at 6 am:

1. First, select the segment on the far left at 6 am. The drop-down options below will then be shown. Now, select the Play time icon in green.

2. The Play time icon will be created, taking up a single 15-minute increment. (6 to 6.15 am)


3. Drag the Play time icon to the end of the 6 am row. This will then join up with the existing access period, resulting in Play beginning at 6 am and ending at 8 am.