Routines for each child can be set for both School days and Rest days. Four different access periods - Play, School, Study, Sleep - can be utilised for each day type, depending on your child’s current schedule. These access periods are associated with various categories and device restrictions. Used together with routines, they allow the parent to restrict what their child can access, and just as importantly when it can be accessed.


  • Days starts and ends at midnight.

  • Each hour is divided into four segments or 15-minute increments.

  • Each access period is shown in a different colour, and the associated icon is displayed at the top of that access period.

  • Recommended default settings are set for each day type depending on your child’s age.

  • Dragging the access period forward or backward from either end is a quick way to alter the time allocated to that access period.

  • Click or tap on an individual segment and select a new access period from the drop-down icons.

  • After creating a new access period, simply drag it out to alter the routine.

  • Changes will be automatically applied.

For more information view the How To: Set Up Routine guide

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I use the default Routine settings for my child?

Absolutely. The recommended default settings are based on your child’s age, while the evening sleep time settings are based on your selection during your account creation.

If my child is sick or on holidays do I need to change my routine?

No, you can opt for a Quick Time change instead. Alternatively, you can change the routine from within the calendar by simply setting the day to a rest day. 

If I put my child in a new age profile, will the routine automatically update?

If you have never made any changes to your routine or calendar, then it will be updated automatically. If you have made custom changes to a user’s routines or calendars, then your changes will remain.

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