How to create a standard user account on Windows 8, 8.1

(Note you’ll need to be logged in as an administrator to create user accounts.)

The advice in this article applies to Windows 8 and 8.1, all versions.

Step 1. Access the Start menu by pressing the Windows key on your keyboard or monitor,  or for Windows 8.1 only, click the Start button in the lower left of your screen.

Step 2. Type manage accounts in the search bar.

Step 3. Click the item Add, delete, and manage other user accounts. This will open the PC Settings.


Step 4. Click the Add an account button.


Step 5. Select Sign in without a Microsoft account.

Step 6. Select Local account.

Step 7. Enter the new user’s name, password and an optional password hint on the next screen and then select Finish on the final screen to complete the user creation process. You’ll be taken back to the PC Settings where we started – the user you created will now be listed.